Entering Shantytowne

Like the Island of Avalon rising through the mist… Ok, not quite.  Shantytowne exists physically but once a year, during the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. For the other 360 or so days, the residents keep its spirit alive from wherever we may be.

It all began when Edheads of the Pirate’s Patch, fans of Eddie From Ohio, began camping with Fruheads from Lower Camp Fruvous, merging two little communities of folkies into a larger one.  The Lobby became downtown Shantytowne, and while our agricultural efforts with the famed Lemon Tree are still experimental, our burgeoning little town of tents has grown.  Shantytowne regularly receives visits from ambassadors of Camp Dar Camp and the Loozer’s Lounge among others, and dispatches our own ambassadors around the hills of Dodds Farm to the likes of the BOT (Big Orange Tarp) and the Budgiedome.  And some residents remain comfortably ensconced in camp, enjoying low power FM, a good Harry Potter book, and/or fine company.  Music is what drew us here in the first place, and family is what keeps us coming back. (Hokey, yeah, but we’re a bunch of earthy crunchy folkies and that’s what you get sometimes!)